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ShapeShift’s New Deal: No Fees Liquidity Positions under 2K


If you’ve been thinking about getting into the liquidity providing game but were put off by those annoying fees, ShapeShift has something up its sleeve for you. They’ve decided to get rid of affiliate fees for anyone who wants to provide liquidity with less than $2,000. This awesome change is for all THORChain pools on their platform. Pretty sweet, right?

Say Goodbye to Fees

ShapeShift is stepping up to make the DeFi world a bit more welcoming by knocking out one big hurdle for smaller investors: affiliate fees. Now, if your plan is to throw some funds into THORChain’s liquidity pools through ShapeShift and keep it under $2,000, those extra fees won’t be bugging you anymore. This is perfect for anyone who’s been hesitating to give liquidity providing a go because of the extra costs. Now, your full investment goes right into the pool, which means potentially more cash coming back your way.

Dropping fees for the smaller LPs is not just great for your own pocket; it’s also great for the whole DeFi space. Getting more people involved means pumping more money into the market.

ShapeShift’s Got You Covered

Beyond just cutting out fees, ShapeShift makes jumping into DeFi as smooth as possible. They’ve got a super user-friendly platform and they support a bunch of different cryptocurrencies. Thanks to their partnership with THORChain, you can also easily swap between different cryptos, which is awesome if you want to mess around with different assets.

For anyone who’s been curious about dipping their toes into DeFi but was worried about starting small, ShapeShift’s new no-fee policy is a game-changer. Now’s a great time to take a look at what THORChain pools on ShapeShift can do for you.

Time to Jump In

All in all, ShapeShift’s move to drop affiliate fees for anyone putting in smaller amounts into liquidity is a big plus for anyone keen on exploring DeFi without the extra financial stress. It’s a sign that the DeFi scene is open for everyone, not just those who can afford to put in large sums. With opportunities for growth, learning, and making some money, now’s an awesome time to dive into liquidity providing with ShapeShift and see where the THORChain pools can take you.

Thinking about exploring the DeFi world without worrying about fees? Head over to and join a community that’s all about giving everyone a fair shot at making the most out of their crypto adventures.

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No fees for smaller stakes? Sounds like a perfect chance to see what DeFi’s got in store for you with ShapeShift’s help.